BackXPack Review – Does Anti Theft Bag Help

Outing is fun but it would make your mood worse if you lose your personal belonging. Keep your items safe with BackXPack. Read our review of the anti theft bag with us.

Let’s learn about the BackXPack now.


What is BackXPack?

What is BackXPack?

BackXPack is an anti theft bag which helps you in protecting your personal belongings when you are outside.

It comes with great space and has compact size. 5 different colours to choose from.

Features of Back X Pack

  • Comfortable And Ergonomic Adjustable Design
  • Multi-functional For Laptop, Tablet, Groceries, etc.
  • With Several Organization Compartments To Use
  • Water Repellent Special Fabric Materials
  • Lightweight And Easy To Carry Multipurpose Bag
  • Five Exclusive Colors To Choose From
  • Built-in USB Charging Port

BackXPack outside features

Other Features Worth Checking Out

The shoulder straps on the pack have some padding. Although, this is by no means a long distance hiking pack. So, don’t expect extreme comfort if you have this pack heavily loaded. It will be ok for short walks, but after that it won’t be super comfortable.

There is a decent carry handle on the top, which is always good for being able to pick up your pack. 

On the right hand side pocket is a nice magnetic leather clasp which is handy if you throw something valueable in that pocket (not recommended, but I do it sometimes and forget I have stuff in my side pockets – not the best idea!).

There are also adjustable compression side straps, which help keep things in those pockets (like a longer item – tripod, umbrella etc).

Water Resistant Material

This pack is made from waterproof high grade 900D Nylon that is also water resistant. So, the material looks great (as you can see on the pics) but is also durable and able to take at least a shower in the rain for a while. I would not put it down in a puddle (but who would, right?) but at least you can run for the bus in the rain and not have to worry!

BackXPack Pockets

Main Inside Compartment

Inside the main compartment is lots of space. Afterall, this is a 40L sized pack. You have a dedicated padded laptop sleeve that can easily fit a 16′ laptop. And it runs along the back, which is ideal for weight distribution.

On the front side are some zippered pockets, great for smaller items like your charger, cables, or a mouse.

This is also where the USB cable comes into the bag for the external charging port, so you can either connect that to your travel laptop or a power bank if you use one.

Front Pocket Organizer

Running almost the full length at the front, this pocket is great for things that you want to get to fast. It has lots of pockets, so you can place your phone, pens, wallet, or even a tablet if you like.

And, because it also runs right down the front, there is room for other things down the bottom outside the organizer pockets.

Little Pocket (Front/Outside)

You can see this pocket on the top/right of the image. It has a zipper that runs diagonally down the front, and is not the biggest pocket. But, you could squeeze in smaller things like an organiser, phone, wallet etc.

Side Pockets (Water bottle holder)

There are two water bottle sized pockets on the size. They fit a small water bottle, but nothing much larger (so if you have a large bottle or coffee holder you use, be careful as it might not fit – then I would check out the larger BackXPack with elastic pockets.)

Why It Makes Sense to Invest in an Anti-Theft Backpack?

While anti-theft backpacks provide you with the required safety from thieves, there are a few other benefits associated with them.

  • Easy Access – They have intelligent pockets, hidden pockets, and high-quality zippers that provide easy and fast access to your personal belongings in the backpack.
  • Comfort – Most of the anti-theft backpacks are equipped with cushioned padding on the shoulders and the back which provide additional comfort while you carry all your required stuff in your backpack. Moreover, the design allows your back to breathe and the waterproof material in many of them keeps your belongings dry during bad weather.
  • Durable – Latest anti-theft backpacks are made of superior quality slash-proof material which is durable and highly resistant. This makes them sturdy and long-lasting.
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How Does BackXPack Work? (BackXPack Review)

Our originated plan fits on relax seats, umbrellas and huge loads of different things. Just insert your assets, zip it up, secure it over the bar and close it. Lock it and swim!

  • Select the blend for your flex lock (and ensure you remember that).
  • Put your contents in the bag.
  • Close the zipper of your bag.
  • Attach the bag to a fixed object.
  • After attaching the bag, simply overlap its fold on the object to snap its lock.

Customer Review of BackXPack

Customer Review of BackXPack

This has pretty much changed my life. I was a bit apprehensive when I first purchased as I’m not the most technically savvy person out there but it didn’t take long for me to get to grips with the useful functions. – Jordan

Not the sort of thing I would usually purchase but glad I did. Now that I have it, everyone wants to know where I got mine from. – Marry

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to carry
  • Plenty of space
  • Anti-theft backpack
  • Water repellent
  • Charging port
  • Might feel a little bulky for shorter people
BackXPack Price

You won’t be charged a hefty amount for this anti-theft bag.

Once the user chooses how many of these bags they want, they can also choose the color. Right now, the bags are available in Everyday Gray, Fashion Red, Mountain Blue, and Young Violet.

All of the BackXPacks can be protected with a 3-year warranty for an additional $9.

How to order Back X Pack?

Just press the button given below and it will take you to the official website. All the prices above are after 50% Off. The website is completely SSL Secured and accepts all major payment methods.

If in case, your product is not working or you receive it damaged. You can refund it as well in period of 30-days.

Available at 50% OFF

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Durable?

Yes, it is very durable. This backxpack review puts it to the test in a number of circumstances and it has proven to be very resilient. Congratulations!

How Long Does its additional battery with the USB charging port last?

Once your bag’s battery is fully charged, you can easily charge your phone or laptop for at least a day. It’s particularly beneficial if you’re traveling somewhere without access to electricity.

Is it big enough to store a full size laptop?

Yes, BackXPack is a great backpack if you wish to store your laptop in it while travelling abroad. However, laptops with screen size bigger than 15.6 inches could be a little difficult to fit in. Thicker laptops also might pose an issue. All basic laptops can easily fit in it.

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