Top 10 Best Doormats For Home

A home without doormats is a dirty place to be in. Doormats are necessary to maintain the hygiene and there are beautifully designed doormats available that will enhance the beauty of your home whether you place in indoor or outdoor. Check out the best doormats for a home here.

When people come back to their houses after a rainy day, they carry a lot of dirt underneath their shoes which is not at all acceptable by the house lady. There are variety of doormats available in the market and you need to select according to your requirement.

Different doormats have different features that make them suitable for indoor or outdoor usage. Protect your floor and carpets by using one of these.


These are the best doormats for your home or office

1. Bungalow Flooring Waterhog Doormat

Bungalow Doormat for Home

Talking about the very first product from our list. This doormat is made by Bungalow Flooring company. A perfect doormat which can be used for both indoors and outdoors.

Don’t worry about the surface of your floor when you have Bungalow Flooring Waterhog Doormat with you. It is made up of commercial grade fabric. You can use it on surfaces like deck board, vinyl, marble, hardwood, tile, laminate, and concrete.

It is skid resistant & can hold up to 1.5 gallons of water which lacks in many of the doormats. A good point about this product is the quick drying and anti-static. Rubber backing makes it eco-friendly.

You can clean it with your vacuum cleaner and it weighs four pounds. I forget to mention about the length & width. It is three feet long and two feet width – compact size.

2. Ottomanson Rubber Doormat

Rubber Doormat is on the preference list of many folks. Here is the Ottomanson Rubber Doormat at number two in our list.

As the name is telling itself about the product. A heavy rubber backing doormat which is also non-slip. You just need to shake the mat to remove dirt which makes it convenient to clean. The plus point about the Ottomanson is Flame-Resistant.

It is made up of polypropylene which is moisture-wicking. The product which is displayed in the image above is 24″x36″ if you are looking for a smaller size – 16″x32″ is here. The design of the mat makes it last longing and will keep the debris away when you enter your home.

3. Milliard Entrance Door Mat

Milliard Doormat

A very attractive doormat which could be kept at your home or office. You can place it either inside the house or outside to give a new look to your floor. Just like other mats, it is also made up of synthetic polypropylene and got molded rubber as well.

The product will last for a long time and will perform very well. It has an ability to trap moisture and dust which makes it different from others. Rubber backing makes it non-slipping. Easy-to-maintain and has mold-resistant factor.

Time to welcome your guests with an attractive greeting with this wonderful doormat.

4. Golden Moon Artificial Grass Doormat

Golden Moon Grass Mat

This is the rectangular grass doormat made of high quality polyester and rubber by Golden Moon. The rubber look makes it look like more realistic. Grass mat could also be used as a replacement for puppy potty training.

While talking about the cleaning of this product. It is very easy to clean just by shaking, sweeping, vacuuming or rinsing it in natural detergent. Some drainage holes are being provided in the back of the turf.

Even if you had any kind of direct contact with the mat, no need to worry about it. Safe for your children as well.

5. Grassworx High Traffic Doormat

Grassworx Doormat

Finally, a doormat which is ideal to be placed in patios, decks, entrance doors, back doors, and garage doors. According to the rough look of this mat we are telling some best place to keep this.

It has got AstroTurf scraper which prevents dirt to enter your home and functions in three-ways – traps, holds, and hides the dust. It comes in a size of 18 x 0.5 x 30 inches.

Plus point about the product – it has the ability to remove grass, snow, dust, dirt, sand, and mud from your shoes. Like others, very easy to clean. Just do the shaking and dirt is removed!

The mat by Grassworx is worth the money due to durability and will last for a long time. Some of the doormats gets complete wasted by change in weather but this is not the case with Grassworx Doormat. You can use it in all types of weathers.

6. Iron Gate Gatekeeper Doormat

Iron Gate Gatekeeper Doormat

Coming at number six is the Iron Gatekeeper Doormat which comes in the size of 30×18 inches and includes a black rubber border.

The mat does not soak in water due to the raised rubber water dam which might be present at your floor surface. It is also made up of polypropylene and does not slide. With its ridge, it will capture both water and dirt and will also not damage your floor.

The product weighs 4.1 pounds and is fade-resistant. This is anti-static and will make look your entrance smart. Easy to maintain and clean!

7. DII Indoor/Outdoor Doormat

This is perfect for your home and business location like restaurants and warehouses. DII Doormat design is very unique from all the listed mats.

This comes in the size of 18 x 30 x 0.5 inches and weighs 3.35 pounds. Some features of this doormat is non-slipping, durable. Perfect for wet conditions and made is of polypropylene fiber.

Talking about the cleaning of this mat, you can clean it easily and you just have to hose off with water and let it dry. It gets fast dried and traps the dirt by keeping your floor safe and clean.

8. SlipToGrip Universal Plaid Door Mat

Best Doormat for Home

This is the sliptogrip plaid door mat and comes at number eight in our list.

In this doormat, there is Duraloop which comes with a unique plaid design. This can be placed anywhere at home or in office. Talking about the size of the product which is 42″x36″ inches.

Design of the mat is good and is able to hold debris and dirt. The company is providing waterproof surface in it which allows you to place at any season. Cleaning this is very easy as it is made up of polypropylene.

Comparing it with others, it is BPA free which indicates that it is safe for your kids and pets. Placement depends on your mood completely.

9. High Cotton Doormat

High Cotton Doormat for Home

High Cotton Inc. produces a good quality of doormats and very interesting designs as well. One is being displayed over here. This is at number 9 in our list.

The dimension of the doormat is 27 x 18 inches and is made up of pure olefin material. Product is long lasting due to very strong stitching. This has got nicely written script on it which will make your guests to have close look at it.

These kind of designs look very awesome and gets the attention of your guests as well. This also comes with a non-skid backing and it weighs only 1.2 pounds. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

 It is easy to clean and can be washed with a hose. 

10. Calloway Mills Doormat

Calloway mills doormat for home

Last product at number 10 in our list from callowaymills. They also have some great designing on their mats.

Talking about the size, it is 17″ x 29″ x 0.60″ and you can gift it someone else. Look at the design on both ends! The durable coir helps to scrapes shoes fully clean.

It is made up of natural coir, a dense fiber that is naturally molded and mildew resistant. Mat will not last long if you won’t keep it in a sheltered area such as a covered porch, keeping extreme moisture and sunlight to a minimum.

Things To Keep In Mind while buying a doormat for home

The first thing you have to decide is whether you want an indoor or outdoor mat. Indoor mats must have some exclusive features just like outdoor mats. The outdoor ones must be weather-resistant than the indoor ones but there are certain mats available that have all the properties and they can be used anywhere flawlessly. The followings are some of the parameters you need to check out while buying doormats.


There is a wide variety of materials used to make doormats. Some of them are plastic fiber, wood, rubber, jute, sisal, and whatnot. If you are going to buy them for indoor usage, you can opt for jute and sisal. They can have microfiber as dust is more common indoors than muds. For outdoors, coconut fiber and woven seagrass are a better choice.


The doormat must be easy to clean as you have to clean it regularly. It is better to buy a machine washable doormat. The doormat has to be non-slip in property. They must be textured or contoured to absorb the dirt and mud easily. Having rubber on the bottom side makes the doormats non-slip in property but they are better for indoor usage as winter time or prolonged heat can deform them.

Lastly, you should get the size right. Too big or too small doormats can ruin the beauty of your home or room as they can be a distraction to the eyes. Make sure they are large enough so that no person can avoid them while entering your home or room.

Types of the Best Door Mats

It is important to note that all doormats are not the same. You have got to make the right impression with the right type of doormat. So, before you purchase a mat, you need to know the different types of doormats that are available. Below are the three types of doormats with their cons and pros.

1. Coir doormats

The coir doormats are made of coconut fiber. Some are PVC-backed while others are not. The unbacked ones easily channel out water. They are available in different styles and patterns. They are heavy-duty and thick. These custom-size coir doormats are of different quality. Look for the one with high quality since cheap ones can get spoilt easily.

  • The mat can effectively scrape off dirt, mud, grass. Debris, etc
  • Sheds off with time

2. Rubber doormats

Rubber is the best doormat material around the world. The rubber front doormat is the most used doormat. It is mostly used in commercial places. They are also used at home especially in garages.

  • The rubber doormats are effective at trapping dirt, debris, grass, mud and other types of particles from the shoes. The doormat has holes to easily drain water.
  • It usually comes in black. It is not tough enough to withstand adverse weather conditions

3. Synthetic pile doormats

This type of mat has a pile and is made from Polypropylene. Moisture is absorbed by the pile. It has a barrier to trap dirt. It can absorb water from wet shoes very well.

  • Good at removing dirt from the shoes and absorbing water.
  • It can get flatten over time due to its Polypropylene. It is not as durable as the coir or synthetic pile doormats.

How to select the best Indoor Door Mat?

Material: The indoor doormats are tailored to different types of materials like jute, rubber, plastic, and cotton. However, not all material will effectively help you in wiping off dirt and sand before entering any home. In all honesty, the ideal mat should be made of jute and rubber as these will scrape the dirt and mud from your footwear easily.

Shape: The other aspect to consider is its shape. Most of the mat features in oval, square, rectangle, and round. However, the interior décor specialists typically recommend rectangular-shaped indoor doormat because it covers the entire surface area across the door.

Pattern: According to home décor experts, nothing is forgiving like patterned mats. Moreover, correctly chosen patterns will not only bring sound, visual interest but also help in eliminating grime and dirt. The multiple colors and amazing design can add aesthetic value to your interior décor.

Colors and designs: The color of your choice should perfectly match your home-décor, preferably dark shade or contrast color shade for covering dust. The light shade should not be an ideal choice because it tends to appear dirty and dusty. Designs can be elaborated in terms of bold and simple designs.


You should have doormats in every room and outside your home. As a matter of fact, people have multiple doormats in one room like in front of the bed to maintain cleanliness to the highest degree. There are so many beautiful doormats available above that you cannot help but buy multiple to enhance the beauty of your sweet home.

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