Top 10 Best Infrared Grill 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for a modern way to grill food, which is quick to make as well as tastes in your food? If yes, then you have come to the right place because today we are going to talk about some of the best infrared grill here which can change your cooking process.

We at is here to help. Our team of writers pen down in-detail reviews of every product to make your selection much easier.

The infrared gas grills are quite new and a whole lot different from the traditional grills. This grill uses technology to cook your food with maximum satisfaction. Here is our list of the best infrared grill to provide an overview.


List of Best Infrared Grill

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Now, it’s time to dive into the in-detail review of each product. Char Broil is the best name when it comes to Infrared Grills. Take your portable kitchen outside for a while!

Infrared Grills Reviewed

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What Are the Different Types of Infrared Grills?

Ceramic infrared grills: These burners are used for quick cooking at high temperatures. They have a stainless steel burner that has a ceramic surface on the top. Very hot flames of 600-1000 degrees are produced by the ceramic surface. The flames cook the food and when the food’s juice drips on the grill, some flames flare up and may charr the food, which many people prefer. Some ceramic infrared burners may provide low temperature too, but most of them have very high temperature.

Radiant glass-panel infrared grills: This wonderful technology offers even heat distribution from 200 to 900 degrees. Radiant glass-panel infrared grills comprise of a radiant glass panel placed over a stainless steel burner. It does not result in flare ups, as the heat is equally distributed on the surface. You can use a grill like this for versatile cooking with both low and high temperatures.

Heat-emitting grills: In such grills, a metal heat panel is placed over a stainless steel burner. The grill lies atop the metal surface. In these also, the heat distribution is even, and the temperature can vary from 300 to 650 degrees. The pipe burners on heat emitting grills may not offer the high level of heat you may get in other infrared grills.

Hybrid Infrared Gas Grills: These hybrid cooking equipments offer both convection and infrared burners. Therefore, you can cook at a low temperature with a convection burner, or use the infrared burner to quickly sear your steaks before moving it to a low temperature. You can purchase a hybrid convection burner with a built-in infrared burner, a separate, removable infrared burner or a side-installed infrared burner, depending upon your requirement and preference.

Features to Look for in an Infrared BBQ Grill
Features of an Infrared Grill

Grills with infrared technology come in a variety of styles. As you shop for a grill, keep an eye out for some of the following features.

  • Temperature Capabilities

The best infrared grills offer a wide range of temperatures. Their grates sizzle food at temperatures nearing 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, but they can also cook food at much lower temperatures and a more leisurely pace. A grill with such wide capabilities is useful because you can use it to sear juicy steaks but also to cook delicate fish and vegetables, which don’t hold up well to extremely high heats. However, only a handful of infrared grills have such extensive capabilities.

  • Single or Dual Function

Some infrared barbecue grills are designed for the sole purpose of infrared cooking. They have one specific goal, and they specialize in doing it well. If you’re fully committed to the idea of infrared cooking, this might be the style for you.

However, you don’t necessarily have to make a decision between infrared grill vs gas grill. Some grills let you use either style of cooking.

  • Indoor or Outdoor Use

Most infrared grills are similar to traditional barbecue grills and are designed for outdoor use. They sit on their own stands or are built into your backyard decor. Some are portable and fit into carrying cases.

  • Easy Cleanup

They are often easy to clean because the high heat incinerates a lot of cooking residue. Some of the best models include drip pans that catch any grease that isn’t vaporized during cooking. It’s easiest if this pan is removable so that you can pour the waste into another container for disposal.

  • Storage Options

When you’re cooking, you may have a number of tools, plates or seasonings that you’re juggling. Some grills have built-in storage to help you manage these items. This may include side shelves or bottom cabinets.

Advantage of Infrared

The key advantage of infrared grills is their high temperature. Like sun reflecting off the surface of water, the heat that radiates off the metal from the burner is extremely hot. This creates a cooking surface perfect for foods like tuna steaks, which needs to be cooked on very high temps very quickly.

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