Top 8 Best Pre Shave For Electric Razor

Use the best pre-shave for an electric razor, care about your skin. Not only do women have the right to worry about maintaining soft, clean and flawless skin; Men can also worry about this kind of thing because a man’s shave says a lot about him.

Well, if you are part of this group of men with infinite questions on this subject you have come to the right place. Next, we will tell you everything you need to know to achieve a professional, irritation-free shave.

We at AllBoutReview perform research on every product and try to give out an honest review. We have seen many men around the world facing problem with either dry or rough skin after getting a shave.


These are the Best Pre Shave For Electric Razor Lotions & Oil

1. Afta Pre-Electric Shave Lotion (Pack of 3)

Afta Pre Shave Lotion

The Afta Pre-Electric Shave Lotion 3-pack is a lotion type and provides great value for money since you can get 3 different models, each containing 3 fluid ounces of the solution. This means that for one purchase you could potentially get enough pre-electric shaver to last you for months on end.

As for the solution itself, it’s made from an oil-free recipe. The lack of oil in this formula means that it won’t feel greasy when you apply on your skin and allow it to dry. You have to wait for a while to let it dry for quite a little while before you can actually start shaving. You have to give some time from your busy schedule.

Applying it is relatively easy since it won’t clog in the blades of your razor or get into the delicate mechanisms beneath the head. Washing the lotion off after your shaving is done isn’t a problem since it comes off with your regular wash to get rid of shaving cream and stray hairs.

2. Mennen Afta Pre-Electric Shave Lotion

Mennen Afta Pre Shave Lotion

This pre shave lotion by Afta comes at 2 number in our list. Read about the ingredients and other information.

The Mennen Afta Pre-Electric Shave 2-pack comes with two bottles that each hold 3 fluid ounces of this particular lotion. You can always buy a little more if you want to stock up for a few months. Saving your time to order it again-n-again.

It is very good and affordable for regular shavers with any type of skin which means Mennen Afta doesn’t provide itching and rashes after your shave. Afta Pre-Electric Shave Lotion can help you achieve a close and smooth shave.

  • Oil Free
  • It helps reduce skin irritation and reddening
  • Rich and creamy
  • This special lotion does not clog your razor and gives you a smooth shaving experience.
  • None found

In addition to helping to protect your skin and reduce irritation during an electric shave, this lotion utilize compounds that can guard your skin against the drying effects of the sun and other weather-based damage.

3. Williams Lectric Shave Electric Razor Pre-Shave

Williams Pre Shave for electric razor

Pre Shave by Williams is a great product and it comes at number 3 in our list. It consists of Soothing Green Tea Complex which makes it a side-apart thing from others. You can achieve a close shave with the help of this.

The soothing tea complexes hydrate your skin and nourish it to give you a clean and smooth skin. Everyone loves to have smooth shave without any irritation or cuts at your face.

Apply a little to your face and rub it on your facial hair gently with soft hands and a get a smooth shave like you want with clear skin.

  • No Harmful constituents
  • Contains soothing tea extracts
  • Stands whiskers stiff
  • Nourishes your skin
  • Pack purchase is better.

4. The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil

It preps the skin to help provide a comfortable shave without feeling oily. The Art of Shaving name explains it all.

They make quality products such as their Pre-Shave Oil. Let’s talk about the features of this amazing product and why you should buy it.


  • It’s thick and provides an excellent protective layer for when you grab your razor
  • It contains many natural ingredients such as castor oil, olive oil, and Hexyl Cinnamal which is an extract from chamomile.
  • No synthetic dyes are used.
  • The lubrication provided by this oil is good for shaving your face and head both.
  • It will help you in saving money because of its thickness. You don’t need to apply a lot!
  • One 2-ounce container of it should last you a long time. ( money-saving!)

The only thing which I don’t like about it is the oil’s thickness. I know, everything has its own pros & cons. You do need to check your razor frequently and rinse it due to oil thickness.

5. Remington SP-5 Pre-Shave Talc Stick Face Saver

This one is not one of those loose powders that create a fine-dust apocalypse around you. Remington is the best option for you if you have sensitive skin and feel comfortable with powders. Simply rub the little stick across your head or face and distribute the FaceSaver.

The talcum powder is tightly compressed into a convenient stick. This is done in order to less mess with the same amount of gentle lubrication for your face.

This pre-shave gives extreme lubrication. The selling point is that you get it without the alcohol ingredients usual lotions have to include so they can allow your shaver to glide effortlessly.

A thing to be kept in mind: usually talc products are mineral-based. Usually, minerals can have a detrimental effect on stainless steel blades and their longevity. However, I’m sure that Remington has thought this out – otherwise, this wouldn’t be as popular, right?

Brands always try to put out those product in the market which would cost the minimal side effect to their customer.

What you’ll notice when you use it for the first time, is that you will think that it isn’t cutting. It glides smoothly and it doesn’t make the same kind of noise that you expect when you shave. Then you check by rubbing the area you just shaved and are surprised to feel it totally smooth.

I know, it is sounding a bit odd to you guys regarding use oil for this work but trust me, you are going to love it. Give it a bit and you will realize it is not only working but working so well you don’t even know it.

6. Anthony Pre-Shave Oil

Anthony Oil For Pre Shave

Now, for a pre-shaving oil with high-quality ingredients and an easy removal process, that amount of money would be worth it. However, when it comes to this oil, there are a few things that would make us set it back on the shelf.

The main 2 ingredients used in this oil are: olive oil and castor oil. While, there are other typical essential oils as well like peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary.

Presence of peppermint and eucalyptus in it will help you giving a lovely scent.

If you are the type of person that actually finds leftover oil on your skin refreshing, then you won’t have a problem with this product. This is the only point that lacks in this product!

Even having a problem of leftover, Anthony has made this pre-shave product very lightweight making your shave complete clean and fresh.

7. Speick Men Pre Electric Shave Lotion

Speick Men Lotion

Time to talk about the product at number 7 in our list. Speick Men is alcohol-based, however, this did not cause any problems, even if you do have sensitive skin. It works the best out of everything. It allows a perfectly smooth and very close dry shave for all types of skins.

Comparing it with other brands which we have reviewed till now in our list. The Speick lotion doesn’t have any oily effect that tends to linger even after rinsing your face with water.

I found the scent of this pre-shave is spicy and unoffensive. Don’t worry, it goes away completely after a span of time.

I’ve been very impressed by the quality of products produced by this company throughout the years and this pre-shave doesn’t disappoint.

8. Aramis Lab Series for Men Electric Shave

Aramis Lab Series for Men

Just like the name of this product, it sounds like coming out straight from a LAB. It is made with a lot of high-quality ingredients and it’s completely fragrance-free.

Many people have sensitivity towards perfumes and if you are one of those. Aramis Lab Series is the suitable thing for you. The Lab Series pre-shave works extremely smoothly, being pretty much on par with the Williams Lectric Shave.

However, it also has that oily texture and costs significantly more than the Lectric Shave.

If you are looking for a fragrance-free lotion, you should opt for this latter.

How Does Electric Pre-Shave Work?

When using an electric shaver for dry shaving, there are some factors that can make this task even more difficult and unpleasant: moisture and skin oils, facial hairs lying on the face, flaky skin – to name only a few.

To make matters worse, dry shaving involves constantly keeping a piece of metal against the skin, which can get hot and cause pain or skin irritation. An electric pre-shave is designed to address these issues and, therefore, provide a more comfortable and rushed shave.

Ideally, these types of products work by providing a layer of lubrication, absorbing moisture, toning the skin and making facial hairs stand up, making it easier for the shaver to cut them. The end result is a closer shave, with less irritation and chafing from the electric shaver.

The Different Types of Products For an Electric Pre-Shave

The most popular come in the form of a lotion/gel or powder, each with its own pros and cons. As is the case with most products in the field of personal care, choosing one over the other is mostly a matter of personal preference.

Powder or talcum powder
A pre-shave powder/talc provides the best possible lubrication, allowing the shaver to slide on the skin with less friction. It is also very efficient in the treatment of oily skin and absorbing any type of moisture. Since it does not contain alcohol, it does not itch and is perfectly suitable for sensitive skin.

A drawback of these types of products is that they can be a bit messy to apply compared to a gel or lotion. On the positive side, pre-shave talc will last for months, offering great value for money.

An excellent pre-shave powder is SoftSheen Carson Magic; Made in Switzerland, it has been around for a few decades and has earned a great reputation among electric shavers. To apply, you just have to rub it on the face and work with your fingers on the facial hair.

Lotions and gels
An electric pre-shave lotion or gel will usually include alcohol in the ingredient list, so you should definitely take this in as a consideration if you have very sensitive skin or suffer from any type of irritation.

Apart from that, it does a great job of lifting facial hair, preparing the skin and providing a protective layer of lubrication. After shaving, be sure to rinse your face and also thoroughly clean your shaver; Using an electric pre-shave lotion or gel tends to make facial hairs stick to the blades.

Should I use a pre-shave for electric razor?

In my opinion, you should at least try. Including an electric pre-shave lotion or powder, at least in theory, is one of the easiest ways to significantly improve your dry shaving experience.

That said, the improvement may vary and you may not see a noticeable difference, especially if you are not affected by any of the problems described in this article. If that is the case, you can probably skip buying one.

However, most men seem to benefit from the use of one and many of the electric pre-shave products are reasonably priced and also have a long duration. Including one as part of your pre-shave routine can have a great positive impact on the overall shaving experience.

Read our complete guide on how to get a close shave with an electric razor easily at home.

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