BarxBuddy Review – Another Scam?

The love and adoration of a dog is a feeling that hardly anyone can turn down. How could you? A dog’s love is unconditional. However, the barking of your beloved dog can, unfortunately, sometimes be quite annoying. Learn about BarxBuddy.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could safely get your dog to stop barking with the push of a button?


What Is BarxBuddy?

BarxBuddy is a modern device with high-pitched noise that only your dogs can hear. It is made in such a scientific way, that once your loving pet hears this high pitch frequency produced by the device, it helps them to snap out of the crazy barking fit and pay attention to you.

What is BarxBuddy?

It is a great behavior control device, and the best thing is it doesn’t harm your dog physically at all, and it doesn’t hurt their ears in any way. Besides, the ultrasonic sound that the device generates works immediately and helps pet owners to discipline their dogs at the exact moment.

Why Dogs Bark?

Dogs bark because it is their way of communicating with their owners. It can also be a response to a stimulus or a person running by your house. There are also times that your dog barks because he or she is asking for help.

One of the most common reasons as to why dogs bark is that they are greeting you, especially after a long day at work. Your dog may even bark upon seeing you, and that’s fine. That’s just how dogs show affection and how they profess their undying love. They get too excited to see their owners bark which is their way of burning excess energy.

Another reason why dogs bark is because it is a distress signal. This can become excessive and ongoing. There are also times that they bark for no apparent reason and they are just being rowdy. This can disturb you and the neighbours, especially at night. That is why BarxBuddy is here to help you control and discipline them out.

BarxBuddy Specifications

Battery – 9-volt battery (not included in purchase package) 

Dimensions – 12.5 x 4.5 x 2.6 cm

Weight – 18.1 grams

Range of Output – 10 meters

Colors – Black or yellow

Light – LED 

Settings –  3 (LED, training, bark prevention) 

Frequency – 25 kHz

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Features of Barx Buddy

Some noted highlights of Barx Buddy dog device that makes it best to select are:

  • ON/OFF BUTTON: this device simply starts from the on/off button to control the dog’s embarrassing behave, and after start this button, the dogs can sit on their feet.  
  • Ultrasonic Sound: this feature offer to manage the loud sound of your dogs. The dogs can easily catch the music of this tool, whereas most of the people can’t hear this sound easily.
  • LED Flashlight: this flashlight works to make your dogs very calm when they are walking and never be run to bite another dog & human also. 
  • Battery: this dog collar can apply around the dog’s neck, and they stay to wear this color for time because it has little rechargeable battery.
  • Adjustable Collar: it comes, including with adjustable collar to fit on every size of the dog’s neck. 

How Does the BarxBuddy Work?

How Does the BarxBuddy Work?

Traditional training methods like using sticks on dogs every time they do something out of the line is inhumane. Barx Buddy helps you train your beloved dogs without hurting them. The Barx Buddy device works by emitting a high-frequency sound, undetectable to the human ears. The high-frequency noise audible only to your pet dog instantly grabs their attention and distracts them. The sound waves used in the device make the product 100% harmless for both the dog and the trainer. The Barx Buddy device also comes with a high-powered LED flashlight, which adds a visual stimulus and can also double as a flashlight during late-night walks.

To use the Barxbuddy Device, stand directly in front of your agitated pet. Make sure that your pet can see you. Start the device by switching it on with the switch. The ultrasonic sound waves from the device instantly shift your pets focus towards you. The sounds also soothe the dogs and calm them enough for you to easily communicate with them or instruct them to stop doing something. The effects of one use last for a few hours giving your dog enough time to settle.

In case the audio stimulus isn’t as effective, you can also use the bright LED light in the Barx Buddy Device to distract your dog with the visual stimulus.

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How can you start training with this device?

By following a few simple steps, you can train any stubborn dog.

  • When your loving pet starts acting out, misbehaving, or barking, position yourself near him.
  • Point the dog deterrent device towards him and push the on/training button.
  • Once you do that, your canine friend is going to be more relaxed.
  • Hold your position for some time and use Led light if needed.

Barx Buddy Pros and Cons

As with any kind of product, there are some advantages and disadvantages, and we want you to know all about these.


• Great at stopping barking
• Works with almost any kind of dog
• Not harmful at all and yet very effective
• Very inexpensive- nothing extra to buy
• So simple- you activate it with a single button press


• You can only buy this product through the online store- not available at retail

How Barx Buddy is Different from Other Devices?

How Barx Buddy is Different from Other Devices?

Now, 10 famous and popular training tools are available in markets and online markets. The Barx Buddy is at #1, at this time. It is being liked and used by many dogs’ owners. They are appreciating the training tool device and the company.

BarxBuddy is better than anyother else training tool device”

The fact is this device “emits ultrasonic sounds” that arehigh in pitched as well as frequencies. These sounds can only be heard by dogs; not by humans or cats. Then thisdevice is small so easy to carry anywhere. Thisportable device works on 40 to 60 feet and other devices cannot work on this range.

“The BarxBuddy is supreme among others”.

Can BarxBuddy Be Used On Any Dog Breed?

BarxBuddy works on almost all breeds. It is, thus, literally flying off the shelves.
It can be used on smaller breeds like Dachshunds, Poodles, and Shih Tzu. Aggressive breeds like the Pit Bulls and Rottweilers respond well to it and so do the active dogs like the Beagles and Boxers.
Whether you have a big dog like Huskies, Labradors, and German Shepherds, or small ones like Pomeranians, this device is your go-to remedy for stopping loud barks.

Who is BarxBuddy a Perfect Fit For?

The BarxBuddy device is a great tool for:

  • Dog owners
  • People who are afraid of dogs (use it as an ultrasonic dog repeller dogs)
  • Dog sitters
  • Dog trainers
Who is BarxBuddy a Perfect Fit For?

If you interact with dogs regularly, BarxBuddy is a great tool to have on hand. Even if your dog is a perfect angel, you never know what may set your dog off. This is a great tool for those moments and could potentially de-escalate a situation before it gets out of control.

And if you’re afraid of dogs but regularly encounter them at parks or when you’re out walking in the neighborhood, BarxBuddy is the best dog barking deterrent.

Where To Buy Barx Buddy Training Device?

After reading this in-depth Barx Buddy review, the next step is to grab yours now. But the best place to buy this simple but amazing device is on the official website. It is not available on shopping platforms such as Amazon. You can follow the link in this article to get the device directly from the owner.

Once you get to the official website, you’ll see more details on how to pay and receive your parcel. Also, there are lots of benefits to enjoy from the company. For instance, if you order more than one, you get to pay less for them. Moreover, the money-back guarantee is activated once you buy from them.

As for the payment method, the company chose a risk-free method to protect your details. After completing the ordering process, Barx Buddy will get to you in a few days, which may vary depending on where you live.

What To Do When Your Dog is Getting Out of Control?

Remember to only use the device when your dog is acting up and misbehaving. This essentially rewires their brain to stop misbehaving when they hear the sound from the device.

To control your dog-

  1. Be in a 15m radius of your dog
  2. Position yourself directly in front of your pet
  3. Use the LED or the Ultrasonic emitter, depending on the severity of the situation, to quell their hyperactivity
  4. Press the button and watch them become calmer and more relaxed

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