Top 10 Best Double Door Refrigerator for Home 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

We did a comprehensive research on the best double door refrigerator and finally came up with our final recommendations. Are you planning to buy the best refrigerator? Then check out our recommendation list of Best Refrigerators in Double Door. 

The refrigerator has become a necessity more than a luxury these days. It’s a must-have in the kitchen and you simply can’t do without it. You can’t even think of having a day without the refrigerator. And, for all the right reasons, it helps to let you store your important food items, desserts, and ice creams.

Take an overview of our list on the best double door refrigerators. Online shopping with reviews is now easy!


List of Best Double Door Refrigerators

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Double Door Fridges

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of double door refrigerator?

  • Double Door refrigerators can fit into the needs of 4-5 family members quite quickly.
  • It comes up with Bigger selves, and thus you can keep a large number of vessels and beverage bottles.
  • It comes up with two doors, i.e. main door and freezer. Thus, you can open the freezer without having to open the main door.
  • Double door refrigerators comes up with a tremendous capacity of about 235 to 495 litres.
  • It is equipped with frost-free technology, and thus you won’t have to clean the ice manually. Besides this, also equipped with auto clean functionality.


  • Double door refrigerators are ideal for only a large family. Just in case, you have a small family of 2-3 members, and then double door refrigerators may not be suitable for you. It can’t be very energy efficient and at the same time comes at an unexpectedly high price.
  • Double door refrigerators are available in large capacity, and if you are looking for smaller capacity, then it may not fit into your requirement.
  • With, Double door refrigerators, you can expect 20-30% higher power consumption as compared to a single door refrigerator. Also, it tends to occupy a lot of space.
  • Double door refrigerators tend to operate on frost-free mode. Hence, it needs automatic fans to circulate the cool air causing 40-50% more electricity consumption as compared to the direct cool technology.
Benefits of Double Door Refrigerators

1) Large Refrigerator Capacity: Double door refrigerators usually come in 235 to 550L capacity and thus suits well for a family of 4-6 members.

2) Space Segregation: Obviously, double door refrigerators are most preferred by those who want to keep the freezer section separate from the main section and create a spacious room.

3) Frost Free Technology: If you are tired of manually scraping off ice from those traditional fridges, then double door refrigerators with frost free technology auto cleans ice formations and keeps your refrigerator cooler for a longer time without any hassle.

4) Efficient cooling, thus, lesser spoilage of food stuffs.

5) More variety and appealing looks than all currently available single door refrigerators.

Things to consider while buying refrigerator of Double Door

Power consumption – Double door refrigerator consumes is power efficient due to its feature of frost free. It will consume more power as compared to a smaller fridge. It will consume power only when the compressor is running.

Frost-free refrigerator – Single door refrigerator requires manual defrosting as works on direct cooling technology. Double door refrigerator is frost free and it has fans inside the fridge spreads cold air inside the refrigerator. Due to this no ice formation inside the fridge.

Design – Double door refrigerator is having 2 separate doors, one for freezer and another for fruits, vegetables and other food items. if you want to take ice cubes no need to open only freezer door. And if want to take fruits then you need to open only fridge door.

Top freezer – Usually top compartment is freezer used for making ice, ice cream or any deep freezing item. Nowadays in some refrigerator freezer compartment are provided below.

Bottom freezer – Bottom compartment of a freezer is bigger and having lot of space. It has multiple shelves to keep food items. These shelves have lot of space for storage for keeping big vessels.

Inbuilt Stabilizer – Check for inbuilt stabilizer protects refrigerator during voltage fluctuation. For any appliance, if voltage up or down then a chance of fail-safe circuit. A voltage stabilizer will help in a stable power supply.

Storage capacity – Double door refrigerator is having big storage capacity. The storage capacity is 200 to 500 litres. The freezer compartment is smaller than other compartments. Now with the new technology, you can convert into the fridge. This will increase the storage capacity of the fridge and easy to fit in your kitchen area.

Warranty – You need to check the warranty of the refrigerator before selecting any model as you are spending a lot of money. Companies are providing 1-year warranty on refrigerator and 5 to 10 years warranty on compressor.

Cooling options – A temperature control option available in the fridge. Using cooling inside the fridge can be increased or decreased. This will help to keep the fruits and vegetables fresh inside the fridge. Nowadays digital display is available in the fridge using you can quickly change the cooling settings of the fridge.


If you are still not sure about any models, that we have reviewed. You can check according to your requirement from over here – Double Door Refrigerators. Any question or suggestion is happily accepted!

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