Top 10 Best Folding Ladder – Buyer’s Guide

We have seen people struggling to reach at a certain height to do some kind of repair at home or business. You need the best folding ladder to ensure safety. The best folding ladder makes it easy to be carried away and use it any different place.

The compact design helps to make storage more comfortable, and you can find them in different heights. With the stepladder, you can reach up high to fix the roof, ceiling, paint, and more.

We at allboutreview is here to help you in making a final decision while looking for a perfect folding ladder. Read our review and buyer’s guide to make things easier for you.

  • Little Giant 15413-001 Velocity Ladder System
  • Louisville Aluminum Four-Foot Step Ladder
  • Lifewit Stool Folding Ladder for Household Use
  • Idealchoiceproducts Heavy Duty Giant Aluminum Folding Ladder
  • Werner 6204 Stepladder


List of Best Folding Ladder

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Best of Folding Ladder – Reviewed

1. Little Giant 15413-001 Velocity Folding Ladder System

Little Giant Folding Ladder

Starting with this 13-foot stepladder which could be used in sixteen configurations. For a safe, versatile, and reliable ladder, it helps to have the little giant ladder with convertible design.

The ladder is light weighted because of the aluminium structure & it has dual-pin hinges with rock locks for stability. Talking about the weight capacity of this telescopic ladder, it hold of 300 lbs only.

This ladder can be used in five different ways-a-frame, extension, staircase ladder and scaffolding system.

Here are some features of this equipment which may make you feel like it is the perfect choice. An aluminium designed ladder with a dual-pin hinge and rock locks for stability. It comes with tip and glide wheels for storage and transport. Ladder extends to 13-feet high.

Furthermore, we would like to share few things we like about this product. It is versatile to be used in different ways. The company is providing lifetime warranty which lacks in other companies.

Little Giant ladder could be used a scaffolding but you need to spend some extra money for this. The work platform and trestles has to be purchased separately.

2. Louisville Aluminum Four-Foot Step Ladder

Best Folding Ladder - Louisville

The Louisville stepladder is suitable for small to medium-height jobs around the home. The aluminum construction makes the ladder easy to carry and has a smooth finish. This ladder holds up to 250lbs of weight.

Pro-tops are being provided to hold paint, drills and hand tools. Furthermore, the ladder has a pinch-proof spreader and meets the standards of ANSI and OSHA. Don’t worry while stepping up, you are not going to slip. This model has grooved steps for traction and a magnetic tray comes as well.

Time to talk about few things which we like in this model. A durable design and can be collapsed for storage easily. You can move it around very easily and it meets all the safety standards which is a must. The company is providing limited lifetime warranty and it is quite affordable.

3. Lifewit Stool Folding Ladder for Household Use

Painting in house and to fix the rooftop with ease, you need this ladder from Lifewit. Whether you need a folding ladder to use indoors or outdoors at home.

This ladder could hold a weight up to 330lbs and folds up easily for storage. You get a four-step ladder constructed of stainless steel and have anti-slip and anti-scratch steps for safety.

Overall dimensions of this ladder is 19.6-inches in length by 27.1-inches wide and stands 55.7-inches tall. Feet of the ladder is equipped with rubber making it stable at one point.

Mentioning some things we like – an extra long handle for security purpose. Easy to be stored, lightweight and stable.

4. Idealchoiceproducts Heavy Duty Giant Aluminum Folding Ladder

The name itself says IdealChoice and we don’t need to say a lot about this product. Of course, we will be mentioning the features here to make your choice a bit easier. At number 4 on the list of folding ladders, we have one from Idealchoiceproducts.

This ladder offers you different configurations to use around your home according to the work. It is made with heavy-duty aluminium. The durable aluminium structure of this model gives it a longevity as well.

Use it as a straight ladder, ladder/trestle/workstation, ladder/double, or platform/stair ladder, the uses are endless. It’s all up to you!

Some features what we found interesting in this ladder is lightweight, load capacity of 330lbs. It comes with a five-way combination design and the rubber pads provide a solid grip on different floor surfaces.

The only thing I found a bit wrong is it’s Wobbly.

5. Werner 6204 Stepladder

Werner’s Ladder is at the last position in our list. Talking about this product which we think is worth the money. If you make a purchase of this that means you are going to get a heavy-duty industrial folding ladder with fiberglass design.

A complete ideal solution for home and commercial use which can easily holds a weight of up to 300lbs.

The aluminum steps offer a secure step-on platform with edge bracing and have a holster top as well. Furthermore, the IA stepladder has slip-resistant and non-marking feet with rear horizontal braces.

If in future you have any work near an electric socket or stuff like that. You can use this ladder safely because the stepladder has a fiberglass structure. A very distinctive feature among all the folding ladders.

Let’s dive directly into some of the glance features by not taking much time of yours. You are going to get a four-foot ladder that holds a weight up to 300lbs. Not only this, it is designed with holster top with lock-in accessory system.

The fitting of double riveted slip-resistant tread steps with internal spreaders and foot pads make your grip on the ladder much more comfortable and you won’t be having a fear in your mind while stepping up.

It is easy to maneuver and is available in different heights, according to your work requirement. A work platform is also provided by Werner company to make things easy for you. It will help you to keep tolls on hand.

Buyer’s Guide

You can buy any folding ladder reviewed on the list! However, the important thing is to purchase the right ladder for the job. Furthermore, we recommend you try before you buy where possible as the stepladder should not deform, walk, or tilt.

Safety Concerns: Most accidents happen due to using a ladder. That is why it is vital to check the design and construction of folding ladders before you buy them. You do not want a six-foot stepladder bending under your weight when using it.

While making these kind of purchases, try to be present or have a look at your older ladder. Find out some things which were lacking in them.

What type of ladder do you need?

You can find different ladders sold on the market:

Stepladders – These kind of ladder has an a-frame design and best to use for near ground tasks. The max standing height varies from 45-54-inches in the six-foot models. You get a folding shelf to hold your tools, but they are less rigid than the multi-use ladder. You cannot use the ladder on stairs, and you may find them with pinch points at the spreader bar.

Extension Ladder – It is ideal for handling different projects off the ground. The item has a lightweight structure, and getting up the ladder is secure. You can only use the ladder in a straight configuration and take up storage space. Some of these ladders also offer a crushing hazard on fingers and hands if they collapse quickly.

Multi-Use Ladder – With this ladder, you get the versatility to use as an extension ladder, stepladder, stair ladder, or scaffolding. The ladder reaches up to 15-feet as a straight ladder and has a rigid design taking up less storage space. These types of ladders have a folding design and can be cumbersome while costly as well.

There are some other features as well which might be taken into interest. One should not miss any of these features in the future also even if you like to buy straight from a shop. Your safety is our main concern.

Other Features

The material – For a lightweight ladder, try to find one made with aluminum but they do not conduct electricity, so keep it in mind. For working with power, pick a fiberglass model instead. Furthermore, remember that regardless of the material, any ladder can conduct electricity when it does get wet. Keep a look on the highlighted text which might give you a complete idea.

The size – Pick a ladder that is high enough to handle the job without the need of you reaching up high. In such cases, if by any mean the ladder goes unstable. You will fall down!Therefore, if you choose a folding ladder with telescopic extension, make sure it extends at least three feet above the work surface.

Worktop – You can find ladders made with a work platform to place paint, hardware, and tools. Having the feature offers you the versatility to keep all essential items for a job on hand.


We have discussed all the important parts already but you make sure to place the ladder in a storage to keep it safe from elements. We hope that the folding ladder buying guide and reviews help you to find a suitable stepladder to use in your business or at home.

Once you determine which telescopic or multi-use ladder works for you, always inspect and keep it maintained regularly. Make sure to follow the included instructions for setting it up properly and use it safely.

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