Top 10 Best Microwave Ovens 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the Best microwave ovens? Yes, We are here for you. Either you are a working mom or a bachelor whose lives are poured with multiple tasks.

To help you avoid the remorse and select the best microwave oven for your kitchen in the first attempt; we’ve conducted a thorough research across a wide range of brands and budget segments. We’ve also listed out the factors that we’ve compared our top picks against; for your reference in the buying guide.

A microwave oven is the best solution to this problem as they are quick in operation. Your food can reheat within seconds without making a mess.

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List of Best Microwave Ovens

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Now, it’s time to read about the products in detail.

Top Rated Microwave Oven Reviewed

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Which Type of Microwave Oven is best for my kitchen?

Let’s begin with the type of microwave oven that is suitable for your kitchen. Majorly, there are three types of microwave ovens available in the market. These are Solo, Grill, and Convection.

Solo microwave ovens are the initial range of ovens. These are the most basic ones and are best for reheating and simple cooking.  Solo microwave ovens are useful if you are living alone or are living among friends. But, for a nuclear or a joint family, these type of ovens are not a smart choice.

Next up is a grill oven which has an added (you guessed it) a grill that helps in grilling vegetables or cheese. Plus, you can also use this type of oven for roasting purposes and for toasting. This means that the Grill Microwave ovens can serve the dual purposes of reheating, a few types of cooking and grilling.

Lastly, there are convection ovens which are built with such a technology that it first allows for circulation of heat inside the oven in an efficient manner. This circulation of heat allows for even distribution of heat into the food item kept in the oven. Plus, convection ovens can also bake and heat the food quickly.

How Do Microwave Ovens Work?

The essential thing that you need to know about a microwave is that they utilize radiation. So, the molecules get charged by the heat energy which warms up your food. Microwaves aren’t visible to our naked eyes just like other forms of radiation.

How do Microwave Ovens work?

Microwaves are also the smallest of waves, so when used in the oven, it heats food relatively fast. Inside every microwave oven, there is the magnetron (Always look for brands that give extra warranty on this part). This device uses electricity to produce the necessary waves for cooking your food. You may have noticed the turntables in the microwave oven. As the table turns, the waves heat up the food evenly. Also, the metal walls of the cavity help the waves to bounce back and forth inside the oven. This is also the reason why you cannot use metal utensils inside a microwave.

Key points to consider before purchasing Microwave Oven?

Various Cooking Options

Microwaves have saved us from a lot of struggle. They are not only easy to use, but have wonderful facilities like the semi-automatic system, grill option, setting cooking time, automatic sensors and many more. The automatic sensor turns off the microwave automatically in case if you forget to set the cooking time.

Size and capacity

Before finalizing any product, it is very important to ensure that the product fulfills your requirements.  A microwave oven’s capacity is measured in litres, which tells us about the space inside an oven. Do a quick analysis of the food amount that you will be cooking. If you require to cook a small quantity of food only, then a microwave of 18-20 litres will work for you.  The same capacity will go for a small family. Usually, in our country, 20-30 litres of the microwaves are highly sold.

Now the next step is to see the space requirement. Microwaves come with shelves. Although two shelves are more efficient because they cook food more evenly.

Wattage/Power Rating

The wattage tells us about the electricity that a microwave will consume. A higher wattage indicates higher power consumption. So, check your requirements and find a suitable product for you. These days microwaves come with an intelligent heating system which consumes less power. The  Microwave wattage range starts from 600 and can go up to 1500. So, accordingly, choose the best for you.


The budget is again one of the main basis on which you will proceed with your research. Before ratting on websites in the search of the best commodity for you, make your mind clear with the highest amount you can spend. Once you have your budget clear, you can easily sort the product for you.

You need to feed your mind with sufficient information about the product first like some points that we have mentioned above and the prevailing market price. Now when you are done with these steps, you can make a rational choice now. We have also compiled a list of microwaves that may suit your needs.

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