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How do you maintain a mixer grinder?

A mixer grinder is a fairly maintenance free appliance. A few tips to follow are-

  • Wipe the housing with a damp cloth.
  • Wash the jars immediately after use with dishwashing liquid and scrub and place it upside down to rinse off the water before storing it away.
  • Grind rock salt occasionally to maintain the blades’ sharpness.
  • Always break harder spices like turmeric to small pieces less than an inch length before grinding.
  • Also, ensure all ingredients are cooled down to room temperature before grinding.
Safety Tips to Keep in Mind While Using a Grinder Mixer
Safety Guide while using Mixer Grinders

As Mixer grinders are easy to use but still there are few things that you should know before you use a mixie to avoid any risks or accidents. Check out the list as follows:

  • Avoid pouring hot ingredients into the jars of the mixer grinders as it affects the inner walls of the jar and also the blades.
  • You should add enough amount of water or liquid to the content you are making such as batters, purees to avoid any load on the mixie motor as it can lead to overheating of the motor.
  • Ensure that the mixer grinder has a proper earthing system to avoid electrical shocks. 
  • Before operating, let the air from the jar escape, and while you operate check if the lid of the jar is closed tightly to avoid spilling. 
  • Turn off the main switch and then pour the ingredients to avoid any shock accidents.
  • Place the mixer grinder at a slip-proof surface to ensure stability for additional safety. 
Buying Tips
  1. Total Capacity- The total capacity is an important factor and should be given importance as if the mixer is overloaded with more quantity than its requirements there remains chances of spilling all around the kitchen space. The mixer grinder is usually provided with three jars and hence each jar can be used according to their usage.
  2. Auto overloading- It is an important feature as it prevents the damages in the motor of mixer grinders. If there any chances of overload due to ignorance the circuit breaks and results in the mixture to stop working and thereby protecting the motor.
  3. Power Consumption and Cord length- The power consumption is the important factor for any home appliance and it usually ranges from 450 to 700 W . These differ in the kind of mixer you are looking for.
  4. Cleaning- Some Mixer juicers are easy to clean whereas some juicers make things very difficult and hence wastes a lot of time in cleaning the small bits of food that get stuck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are mixer grinders safe as water or other liquids are used?

Yes always chose ABS shock free mixer grinders so as to get quality grinding with minimum chances of damages caused by shock or overload due to any reason.

What is the RPM of a Mixer Grinder?

RPM is very important in a mixer grinder. The number of rotating blades called RPM. The highest RPM means the batter grinding efficiency.

How to clean a mixer grinder?

You should use a damp cloth along with a liquid cleaner to clean the main assembly unit. 
In order to clean the jars, you should first fill it with soap water and lock it on the main unit. After this turn on the machine at high speed at least 5-6 times. Then remove the soapy water and clean it with water.

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