Dango Buds Review – Another Scam?

I don’t think, there might be any person who doesn’t love listening to music. Read about the Dango Buds wireless earphones with complete review.

If you like to listen to music on the go, you will certainly always have a pair of headphones with you. However, there is always a problem with using them: most of them are equipped with a cable, which is very annoying over time.


What are Dango Buds?

What is Dango Buds?

DangoBuds are a breakthrough in Bluetooth listening technology, available right now for your portable entertainment and communication system. With DangoBuds, you get serious audio performance, coupled with stylish looks.

Dango Buds Facts and Specs

Some of the facts and specs of DangoBuds are:

●   Active noise cancelling

●   Dual microphones

●   Bluetooth 5.0

●   65mAh Li-polymer batteries for earbuds

●   5V/550mAh Li-polymer batteries for charging case

●   Connectivity range: 10 m

●   Type C charging port

●   Wireless charging also included

●   Replaceable silicon in-ear tips in sizes small, medium and large

Why Do I Need DangoBuds earbuds?

Why Do I Need DangoBuds earbuds?

The DangoBuds earbuds are furnished with numerous incredible features that you won’t discover in some other earbuds or Bluetooth earbuds. In addition to the fact that they play music like earphones do, yet they are likewise a headset that permits you to get calls easily and without wires by connecting with your cell phone.

They are additionally water-resistant, so you can use them outside even when rain is falling. If you’ve managed wire tangle, or in the event that you needed to change handsets when listening to music and you need to make calls with a headset, the DangoBuds is an option in contrast to the traditional headset, and make your life more comfortable and less stressful!

Why To Use DangoBuds?

Noise CancellationDangobuds in your daily practice, you can have confidence that your music listening experience will improve after using it. Secondly, the DangoBuds fit in your ears tightly, you won’t need to worry about listening to the voices coming from outside.

Improved Listening Experience – Dangobuds have proved themselves in a short period of time because they can experience the listening of music. The Dangobuds will give positive energy in your life.

Less Weight and Easy to Carry – Dangobuds are light in weight and easily carry to everywhere.
If you carry the headphones, it need to be handled with care but will also require more space to keep it with safety.

Pros of DangoBuds

  • Excellent form-factor for comfortable in-ear fit
  • Active Noise-Canceling (ANC) functionality
  • Fast and stable No-Drop connectivity to your mobile device with Bluetooth 5.0
  • Smart HD calls featuring restored, life-like sounds
  • Extensive standby battery life, up to 77-hours
  • Charging case included
  • Wireless charging capability
  •  Complete accessory kit included with your purchase
  • Effortless control with finger-touch easy operation
  • Affordable price point

Cons of DangoBuds

  • Earbuds are on promotion at time of testing; the price might increase shortly
  • They are available only online

Price of Dango Buds

Order DangoBuds online and select the colour that you like. However, it’s advisable to order the earphones from the supplier to get price discounts. Overall, these wireless earphones offer seamless convenience where users switch from listening to music to answering phones.

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