ProntoPaw Review – Is it really safe?

We are back with another review on an interesting item named ProntoPaw. Let’s find out, how it can help you paw friend.

It is very essential to keep your dog clean so that they have safe health and also, they do not affect other members of the family. they enjoy rolling around in mud or playing in the garden all the time.


What is ProntoPaw?

What is ProntoPaw?

The ProntoPaw is a dog foot washer which is an easy and faster way to clean your dog without any mess. It looks like a silicone cup with pointy spikes inside. As these spikes are made with soft silicone that flexes when your dog’s paw is inside the cup, they will not hurt your dog in any way.


Material made of high quality – This washing cup is for the foot made with the delicate silicone bristles that could help in removing the soil and mud from the dog’s paw.

The Pronto paw doesn’t bother the dog’s paws as it doesn’t lead any toxins in the climate.

Truly perfect paws – These fibers designed with the silicone, which is there on the bottle that elp to loosen te mud from dog’s paw. Along these lines, it will keep the dirt far from the home or vehicle.

Durability – Though , the brush cushion, which has a delicate fiber, produce using the tough, non-recoloring, and non-stick high quality of silicone.

Even the washer cup is produced using high-grade plastic, solid, tough, and simple to clean.

Perfect and simple to use – One can include the little water in the cup and afterward include the dirty paw into it. At that point move the cup all over or continue turning to get the best outcomes.

Why should you go for ProntoPaw?

ProntoPaw is a pretty accurate device. It is a simple device yet innovative. The device is also portable and can be carried around everywhere easily in a bag. It is lightweight that causes no additional problems for the user. The device saves a lot of money on cleaners and other grooming products as it is a very affordable device and can be used for a long time easily.

It also saves time as you do not have to drop your dog time and again at the groomer even after having a busy schedule. The device can also be used when the dog is walking on the sidewalks. If by any chance your pet steps on salt which causes irritation. It is important to remove that instantly. The device is helpful with that also as it is portable. 

You just have to use the device to clean your dog and also keep your house and surroundings clean. It helps in giving the best quality life to the dog. It is important to keep the paws of your dog clean, soft, and healthy. With the dirt that your dog brings in the house without cleaning its paws, you do not know the kind of bacterial the dog is bringing into the house and it can cause problems for you and your family later on.

How to use Pronto Paw?
How to use ProntoPaw?
  • One can add the little water in the cup of Pronto Paw, and there is no need for adding any detergents or soap.
  • Then put the pet paw into the cup of Pronto Paw. The cup contains the water that will help loosen the stubborn dirt or mud.
  • After this, rotate it simply, and put the paw into a cup of Pronto Paw. The water which is there in the cup should help in losing any of the stubborn dirt or mud.
  • Now the paws of the dog are clean and ready to get into the house. One simply needs to rinse the Pronto Paw cup with the water, and it is ready for use again.

Final Verdict

This is perfectly sized for small, medium or even large dogs. If you’re tired of having messy carpets, get this for your dogs now while they are still having a sale!

Tony Luke
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