ShoeSterilizer Pro Review 2021: Best Dehumidifier

ShoeSterilizer Pro Review: Do you feel uncomfortable when visiting a friend’s house and you are asked to take your shoes off because you are afraid that your shoes might smell bad?

You might feel embarrassed because your shoes smell bad even after washing them many times?

Read about this innovative dehumidifier which helps in removing the bad odor.


What is ShoeSterilizer Pro?

ShoeSterilizer Pro is a super cool innovative tool designed to eliminate bad odours from shoes and to dry them thanks to the heat emission feature it has.

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A Shoe Dryer made of high-quality materials, safe, environmentally friendly, and durable. Scalable 1.2 ” fit design, suitable for size 35-44 drying shoes.

The front and back of each with PTC plate cooling holes can reach 140.0 – 176.0 ° F in 3 minutes. Timing function style, drying time can be selected for safety. Small size, lightweight, easy to carry, suitable for leather shoes, cloth shoes, boots, rain boots, gloves, etc.

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  • Retractable: shoes can be stretched, changed in length, suitable for different shoes, easy to use and carry, can be used for home, school, travel, and so on.
  • Uniform cooling holes: uniform heat dissipation, safe and reliable. It won’t damage your shoes, it won’t burn anything, and it won’t consume a lot of power.
  • Foot health: high quality ventilation and quick-drying, uniform, reduce odor, better heat dissipation, smooth flow, more obvious drying effect, reduce bacterial growth.
  • There are timing / no timing, two models can be selected: it is recommended to select timing, can be timed to dry, time to automatic power off to stop heating.
  • Using dual-core heating: the dual-core heating is more evenly balanced, and the drying effect is better.

How does ShoeSterilizer Pro work?

An explaining how does ShoeSterilizer Pro work?

In all sincerity, the mechanism through which shoesterilizer pro dry and deodorize shoes is very simple, there is no magic behind it. 

First, it uses power (electric energy) which is supplied through its plug and electrical cable. This electric energy is converted into heat energy. The heat is now dissipated throughout the inner surface of the shoes as rays. This heat causes evaporation of the fluid (moisture) in the shoes which will result in drying and discourage the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Humid environment provide optimal condition for the growth of bacteria and other germs. Drying this fluid will deny them the optimal conditions and environment they need to grow. This will prevent them from causing chemical reactions that will generate bad odor or cause any other harm to the feet. Also drying will help prevent shoe fabric from getting soft and weak. 

Shoe sterilizer pro takes only three (3) minutes to achieve this heating effect that protects your shoes and feet from the deadly bacteria and fungi. This entire process also prevent bad smell that will cause embarrassment in public. That’s all about the working principles of shoe sterilizer pro and it has been proven to be very effective.

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Benefits of Shoe Sterilizer Pro

  • Instantly Eliminate Bad Odors From Shoes
  • Dry Shoes Immediately Thanks To Heat Emission
  • Restore Natural Shoe Smell By Killing Bacteria
  • Additional Dehumidifying Process With Heat
  • Healthy Shoes To Avoid Foot Fungus, Etc.
  • Safe To Use On Leather Shoes And Sneakers

How to use?

  1. Empty your shoes of debris. ShoeSterilizer light will kill bacterial buildup, but if there’s lint or bits of a torn insole, there will be shadows cast on sections of the interior and your shoes won’t be fully sanitised.
  2. Place your ShoeSterilizer in the shoes, following the directions as instructed. Due to the positioning of some Sterilizer, they may require closer contact with the insole or toe box. Pay special attention to the requirements so you can be assured that all bacteria have been neutralised after the timer goes off.
  3. Turn the ShoeSterilizer on, and set the timer. You’ll also have additional instructions on how to properly time your Sterilization so that you don’t damage your shoes. Most Sterilization are built for ten to twenty minutes of use, though smaller units can require up to forty-five minutes or more. Since the lifespan of your unit and light bulb is very long, the length of time required will not impact the quality of your sanitizer, it just ensures a thorough sanitizing process.
  4. Make sure that you can’t see the light emitting from the shoes. If you can see a glow through the fabric (common with synthetics, textiles, runner shoes, etc.), that is okay. The strength of the light will be diluted and won’t cause you any harm. If you have pets, you’ll want to keep the door closed and make sure they can’t enter the room to avoid damaging their eyes from prolonged contact.
  5. Turn off your ShoeSterilizer Pro, and allow ten to twenty seconds before removing them from the shoes. Return them to their proper storage to prevent damages, and your shoes are good to go. There will be a noticeable drop-off in terms of odor and firmness of your insoles. Your ShoeSterilizer have done their job.

Customer Review

“This has pretty much changed my life. I was a bit apprehensive when I first purchased as I’m not the most technically savvy person out there but it didn’t take long for me to get to grips with the useful functions.” – Johnson, Florida, US

“This is my second purchase and it is for my wife. One day after trying my device, she asked… “Why in the heck did you give me the crappy one?”… I love my ShoeSanitizer Pro, it has yet to fail me ever. I do a lot of travels. It has plenty of features that are really useful.” –Jagger

How much does ShoeSterilizer Pro cost?

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  • 1 x ShoeSterilizer Pro – $59.04
  • 2 x ShoeSterilizer Pro + 1 FREE$109.05
  • 3 x ShoeSterilizer Pro + 2 FREE$149.08
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