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Once in our lives, we’ve all been a victim of the “storage is full” warning when our gallery is packed with precious photos and videos. We can’t blame ourselves, because those photos captured important events of our life. And backing them up can be a pain in the neck. Luckily, there’s a device to back up photos and videos in an instant. In this The Photo Stick Mobile reviews, we’ll see how this revolutionary device fares in terms of storing media.


What is The Photo Stick Mobile?

The Photo Stick Mobile

Just to make it clear, this review is for the mobile version of ThePhotoStick. And you can easily combine both of them! And the great thing is that the photo stick for iPhone and the photo stick for android are both available.

ThePhotoStick Mobile is the epitome of convenience and organization compressed into a small USB stick that fits in the palm of your hand.

The Photo Stick Mobile Key Features

As listed on the product website, here are some of the features of this amazing product:

Easy Access and Convenience

Unlike the iCloud, you do not need any software to use this gadget. Just insert press a button, and there you go. Again, there’s you do not have to create an account to use the device. It is one of the easiest products you’ll ever use on a PC or smartphone.

Accepts Multiple File Formats

The PhotoStick Mobile supports all image formats. So whether you have .jpg., .png., .gif., or.tif. images, the device will back them all up and securely store them. Plus, it can retrieve files from several years ago.

Comes with Powerful Memory

You don’t have to worry about the memory getting used up. The device safely stores up to 60, 000 videos and files, a lot more than you can ever take. It comes in different capacities, so if you think the storage isn’t enough, you can always go for the PhotoStick with a bigger capacity.

Note also that this device doesn’t require internet connection. Again, you don’t need to register and create an account to use it. Just install its application, plug the device into your device, and start backing up your files.

Why Do I Need the Photo Stick?

This device is easy and simple to use. Unlike with iCloud backup, the device does not need to have tricky software to perform Just plug it in and there you are, all files backed up and stored. You will only be required to download its application on Google Play or App Store, and once you plug the device into your device, click on Backup Files. The PhotoStick brings convenience; rather than waiting for your PC or smartphone to back up your videos and photos, just plug it in, and the job will be done within just a few minutes.

Photostick Mobile for iOS and Android

With the PhotoStick, you will never again have to lose your beautiful photos and videos. And you will never have to worry about your device’s storage capacity. As noted, the device stores up to 60, 000 videos and photos. Is your phone storage or your iCloud storage full? With the PhotoStick, you do not have to worry about that. Get it today let it back up your videos and photos and store them securely for you.

The Photo Stick Mobile Rating and Benefits

This device has had a lot of hype on various online platforms. I had about it from a friend, and I must admit I was a little skeptical about its performance. However, when I bought and got to use it, I promptly understood that it works just as the manufacturer points out.

I was particularly impressed that the device supports all image formats. So whether you have .jpg., .png., .gif., or.tif images, the device will back them all up and securely store them. Another thing that impressed me was its ability to retrieve photos from several years ago. It even reminded me of events and friends from several years ago.

I could also use PhotoStick on multiple devices. I used it to back up and store files on my PC, my iPhone, and Android tablet. Plus, It doesn’t require internet connection; it works just like a flash drive. If you love taking photos and videos or making home movies, this is a device that you should surely have.

Some of the benefits of using the Photo Stick Mobile include:

  • Extremely Easy to use
  • You can store up to 60, 000 videos and photos
  • Doesn’t require an internet connection
  • Organizes, backs up, and store videos and photos securely
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Does all the work in just a few minutes

The Photo Stick Mobile Reviews

There are several customer reviews on this product on various product review sites. On Amazon, we saw more than 50 reviews, most of which are positive. The product’s website also has many reviews, with the product having an average rating of 3.6 stars. While there is some little negative feedback from a few users, we can safely conclude that this device is helping a lot of people out there.

Where to Buy the Photo Stick Mobile Today?

You can purchase this device directly from the manufacturer via their website. Just click the buy now button below to purchase your photo stick mobile.


The solution to this frustrating problem of backing up photos and videos can be summed up in two words: ThePhotoStick Mobile. Why make it complicated when it can be simple?

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