Top 10 Best Floor Standing Tower Speaker – Guide

You cannot call your music set up the best unless you have some decent floor standing tower speaker.

The best floor standing speakers are one of the most popular speaker types of all time; there is no doubt that they are the heart- pumping anchor of any great home theatre system.

The speakers’ general design also offers one a unique opportunity to fit more of them into a small living space.

There are several brands of these speakers in the market today. A good number is of high quality and is constructed for a crisp clear sound to spice your living space.


List of Best Floor Standing Tower Speaker

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Now, it’s time to read about these product in detail.

Top Rated Floor Standing Tower Speaker

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What are Floor-Standing Speakers?

What are Floor Standing Tower Speaker?

Floor-standing speakers are usually rectangular and very tall. These speakers are called floor-standing speakers since they do not need any stands to stand on. People call it “tower speakers” because of their height.

Floor-standing speakers come in different sizes. There are large ones that can take three types of drivers. There are also small ones which are perfect for our home theater system. These products are suitable for tight spaces. Some of it also features Bluetooth technology so we can play music from our phone or USB sticks.

Some floor-standing speakers are very affordable. This means that we can have floor-standing speakers for a few hundred dollars.

Factors to Consider When Buying Tower Speakers
  • Wiring: Tower speakers feature different wiring styles. Some products feature terminals with crossovers while others are equipped with wire terminal sets. Tower speakers with bi-amp feature two cable sets that enhance their connection to the amplifier. Bi-wired speakers on the other hand feature two cable sets which connect to speakers with one output connector for amplifier connection. Bi-wiring, therefore carries varying power amounts to the speakers when compared to bi-amping. Therefore, buy the tower speaker that comes with a wiring style that you prefer.
  • Frequency Response: This determines how much between 20 and 20000Hz your tower speaker will generate. A speaker that comes with a high-frequency response features a wider range. As a result, its lows and highs are detailed and clearer than its low-frequency response counterparts.
  • Size: You should invest in a tower speaker that will comfortably fit in your entertainment room. Some products on the market will take less floor space due to their compactness. Bigger speakers generate loud sounds as compared to the smaller ones. Therefore, before buying a tower speaker consider the space available and your preference.
  • Stereo or Home Theater – You can use your floor-standing speaker as either a stereo or make a home theater for it. If you want to have a home theater for you, you would need a speaker that has associated center, surrounds and also some paired sub speakers so that they provide good sound quality. Normally when you are planning to have a home theater, there are many more things to consider rather than just a single speaker. 
  • Construction Material – You might be thinking why it is important to consider the construction material of your Bluetooth tower speaker when it is an electronic device. Aren’t you? Well, you need to check the construction materials of your freestanding tower bluetooth speaker because you’ll be moving it from one place to another regularly, so it has to be sturdy enough to endure the daily wear and tear. Generally, the top-quality Bluetooth tower speakers are made of wood.

After receiving some brief information about each type of speakers, we hope it will be easier for you to make decision on which floor standing Bluetooth speaker is best-suited for your needs and preference. Choose any one of the above picks for your modern lifestyle, and to not miss out your favourite music in a pleasurable and entertaining environment.

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