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There can be nothing worse than wearing bad sports bras and paying for it with marks on your shoulder, sore shoulders, and unbearable boob sweat. If you are big-time into working out and enjoy exercising, then it becomes all the more important that you get the right kind of sports bra.

If you are wearing an inappropriate kind of bra, then you will not enjoy running or jumping. It will turn out to be a nightmare. These bras are a must-have for all the cardio lovers. But it is important to pay attention to the fact that buying the right kind of sports bra can turn out to be a nightmare, especially when the market is flooded with such products.

In this article, we will guide you on how to choose the Best Sports Bra.


Why It is Important to Have Right Sports Bra?

Sports Bra

Whenever you are working out your breasts is in continuous movement. Apart from up-down movement breasts tend to move sideways also. Breasts are nothing but collecting of fatty tissue which is further connected by the stretchable ligaments. So when you work out in your normal clothes there are chances that your breast becomes saggy and sometimes you can feel pain also. Now you will be thinking that in sports bra to there is movement. Yes, there is movement but it is not as vigorous as in normal wear. The sports bra will slow down the process of sageness. That’s why it is important to wear the right sports bra while exercising.

Different types of Bra Available in the Market

Apart from the different shapes and fabrics available for the sports bra, we can categorize sports bra in two parts that are Encapsulation Bras and Compression Bras.

Encapsulation Bras– These are just like normal bras with two cups. But these are known to provide extra support to the breasts to restrict its movement.

Compression Bras- These bras are known to compress the breasts close to the chest to restrict movement. These generally come without the back hooks.

List of Best Sports Bra

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Now, it’s time to read about them in review. AllBoutReview main motive is to provide complete solution to their readers.

Top Sports Bra Reviewed

1. FITTIN Racerback Sports Bra

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It supports the simple design and has received a rating of 7,000 on Amazon. You will be amazed to know that it has 4,000 plus five-star reviews. You will get to enjoy perfect comfort due to the polyester and nylon construction. This will add to your comfort and it will practically move with the wearer. Such is the comfort associated with this sports bra. There is no worry related to stretching it out too much or the fear if the bra losing its shape. Other attractive features are removable, light padding which will provide sufficient support in low- as well as medium-intensity workouts. You will be getting it in sizes from S to 2X. There is no need to wear our regular bra under it and enjoy working out.

2. Core 10 Warrior Mesh Sports Bra

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It is a super stylish yoga bra and it supports amazing details that make working out a lot of fun. You will be getting to enjoy ultimate support with wide mesh straps. Gone are the days when you had to worry too much about clunky looks or harsh tan lines. Everything will be in the right place with this sports bra.  With the help of the mesh panels, you get to enjoy an exciting peep of cleavage. You will be getting medium-support with this bra and you can easily carry out with yoga or pilates with this smart bra. But it will not be getting rid of bouncing that you experience while jumping or running. You can get it in sizes varying from XS to 3X.

3. BooBuddy Breast Support Band

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As compared to sports bra this BooBuddy Breast Support Band helps in controlling the lateral movement of the breasts. One can wear a band without any sports bra. This band has medically proven benefits when wearing after breast surgery. It comes with an adjustable Velcro band and that too in many sizes. The majority of the material is nylon which makes the support band breathable and easy to carry. It can be worn in any type of workout be it a low-intensity or high-intensity workout.

4. Enell High-Impact Sports Bra

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It is superb for high-intensity workouts and there can be nothing better than this bra for all those ladies who have big boobs as they will be getting complete coverage. It is a heavy-duty sports bra and it supports ten front hook-and-eye closures. The strong fabric will add to your comfort and there will be no bouncing at all while working out. But many people complain than wearing this bra is nothing less than working out itself. If you follow the Amazon step-by-step instructions you will not face much of a problem. You can get it in sizes 0-8.

5. Brooks Juno High Impact Sports Bra

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It is considered the best for running. The best part about this sports bra is the fact that it can be easily customized for your body. There is no need to wrestle the fabric right over your head. The ideal chafe-free fit and adjustable clasp closure, as well as straps, make everything rather simple. Gone are the days when you used to experience bouncing while running. You can choose from the sizes 30C to 40E.

6. Lululemon Align Tank

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This sports bra also acts as a shirt. There is no need to add too many layers if you are wearing this sports bra. It is very stylish and comfortable. And you will not feel naked while wearing this sports bra. Enjoy the best of both worlds with this sportsbra. You can wear them with great ease with your stylish high-waisted jeans. You can choose from sizes 2 to 12.

7. Outdoor Voices TechSweat Crop Top

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You get to enjoy amazing animal prints with this sports bra. If you are an animal-print person, then this bra is just for you. Some people feel that it provides “low support but high coverage”. It means that bouncing will not be minimized that much with this bra. But the best part is the amazing fabric that makes working out a lot of fun. You can choose from the sizes XS to XL. 

8. Queenieke Women’s Medium Support Strappy Back Bra

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If you are looking for a reasonably priced strappy option, then there can be nothing better than this sports bra.  You will be getting the same kind of flexible material and strappy back as in the case of the Lululemon Energy bra. But you will not be spending that much money. You can choose from the sizes XS to XXL.

9. Outdoor Voices Doing Things Bra

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If you indulge in very sweaty workouts, then you must go for this sports bra.   It is made up of “TechSweat” material by Outdoor Voices. You will be surprised to see how efficiently it will take care of all the sweat while working out.

There can be nothing better than this for activities like HIIT or choreographed spin classes. And it will not darken or stain despite high-intensity workout. You can pick from the sizes XS-XL.

10. Girlfriend Collective Topanga Sports Bra

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It is also popularly known as the Low-Impact, Sustainable Sports Bra.  The best part is that it is made up of recycled plastic water bottles. You will be getting a high neckline, a low back, and adjustable crossed straps. You can choose from the sizes XS to 3X. 

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