MemorySafeX Review: Is It Best Photo Backup Device?

MemorySafeX Review: Most of us have lost all our stored and saved videos and photos at some point or the other in our lives. It is tragic to lose everything because these are precious memories. Imagine losing family photographs of your children’s birthdays, anniversaries, graduation pictures and others.

It would be so good if you had something where you could save everything and be sure that they would not be lost. Something that did not require any technical skills and work well not just on a desktop but also with your phone! Do such gadgets really exist?


What is MemorySafeX?

What is Memorysafex?

MemorySafeX is a new product designed as a convenient way to backup files in seconds. After the huge success of photostick, manufacturer has launched advanced version for better accessibility.

It looks like a small flash drive you can carry with your keys. Once you plug it in, it searches through all your device folders and finds documents, images and videos. It will quickly back them up to its internal storage, so you can free your device of endless photos in minutes. 

Which is why this new device is absolutely treat! It’s the ONLY product of its kind that makes saving up to 60,000 photos and videos painless, and completely hassle free!

Main Features of MemorySafeX

Features of MemorysafeX

Compared to other backup devices, this review will focus on what is so unique about MemorySafeX:

  • Automatically scans, skips duplicates and will save on storage space.
  • Saves you money buying storage on the cloud (iCloud, Google Cloud etc.).
  • Super Fast backup — incredibly large number of photos, videos or any type of file you define.
  • Easy to connect MemorySafeX to your computer and browse your files anytime.
  • Backup your files on-the-go.
  • Find lost or hidden photos and videos in your phone sub folders.
  • A true one-time investment solution for backing up.
  • Works with any type of Android, iOS or Windows device.

MemorySafeX technical facts

  • USB and USB type C connector
  • 64 GB storage space
  • plug and play
  • direct start of data transmission
  • Manufacturer App with automatic recognition of duplicates

How does this Storage Device work?

This device was designed with an in-built firmware that was developed from the very beginning to be an automatic backup device. This storage device comes with an accompanying app that can be installed from the manufacturer’s official site or better still from the device itself.

Once you install the memory safe X’s app in your mobile phone or pc, the app’s interface allows you to navigate the various features that this stick offers. In this app, you can browse through the files that have been backed up to the memory safe X drive. You even have the freedom to customise the specific or particular files you wish the drive to backup, thus ensuring the storage space that is available to keep your memories secure is not wasted on unnecessary videos, photos and other media files.

or to make things a bit easier for you.

  • Install the MemorySafeX App and launch it
  • Plug in the MemorySafeX device
  • Click on the “Backup Now” Button

That’s it! Memory Safe will not scan your entire phone but will map your documents, photos and videos in order to perform the backup.

It will skip any duplicates to ensure it doesn’t eat up your storage space. Once your files are all backed up into the Safe X device, you can go ahead and delete the ones on your phone to free up more space.

What are the Benefits of Using MemorySafeX?


There are several benefits to using MemorySafeX. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Automatic and fast 
  • Internet connection is not required
  • Supports different image formats
  • Automatically skips duplicate files: Sometimes, it happens that a file is duplicated while backing up. MemorySafeX scans for this type of duplication and skips it while saving.
  • No extra hardware required: When you are using MemorySafeX, there is no need for any other additional hardware to use it. Simply, you just need a mobile phone or desktop and your Memory SafeX.
  • Any kind of platform: You can use it on your phone as well as your desktop.
Why Choose MemorySafeX?

The most important thing to choose MemorySafeX is its ease of use. According to MemorySafeX review, it is compatible with both android and Ios devices. You can even connect it to a computer.

Thus within a few minutes, you can back up all your lost files and store them in MemorySafeX. Just plug the device into your phone and download the MemorySafeX app on your phone.

Now you can start saving all your media files into it. That is, you can save your memories easily and quickly in MemorySafeX. It is cheaper too. 

Type of Files That Can Be Detected And Protected By MemorysafeX

Memorysafe X not only protects pictures. It can also protect and save documents and music. Given below are the types of files that can be detected and protected by this USB drive: –

  • JPEG
  • MPEG4
  • MP4
  • MOV
  • PNG

Another advantage of this USB drive is that it organises your files and folders so that the same data is not backed up again.

MemorySafeX vs Photostick

Find out the complete difference of Memorysafex vs Photo Stick now.

  • PhotoStick has a storage capacity of up to 128GB while MemorysafeX has a storage of up to 64 GB.
  • Photo Stick comes in different variants allowing you to get your exact preferred size. Available in the market today are the 8GB, 64GB, and the 128GB variants. With MemorysafeX, you are limited in getting different variations in size.
  • It detects JPEG, MPEG4, MP4, MOV and PNG. On the other hand, most Photo Stick reviews indicate failure to detect some file formats.
  • Memory SafeX encrypts and decrypts files, securing them. It allows you to play your music and movies directly to the thumb drive. The Photo Stick allows you to share your photos or music directly to your social media.
  • Photo Saving Device comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, while MemorySafex comes with a three-year guarantee.
  • Photo Stick measures 5.98 x 3.11 x 0.39 inches while
    MemorySafe X measures 57mm x 49mm x 8mm.
  • Memory SafeX comes with a USB and USB-Type Connector
Price of MemorySafeX Backup Device

Talking about the price of this wonderful backup device.

MemorySafeX is now available at $59. The original price of the device is $118 and now you can purchase them at a discount of 50%. 

Pros and Cons


  • Secure storage device
  • Can connect with phones, tablets and computers
  • It’s budget-friendly
  • Superfast file transfer


  • iOS users may have to spend some time installing and setting up the app

Exceptional Money Back Guarantee

Whenever I purchase an online product, one thing I just checked is the money-back guarantee. It’s a common feeling that all customers always looked for. Because after spending so much money what if the product is not good. If I get the broken device or the device is not working?

That’s why this option I first checked before buying any online product. I am happy to say that, MemorySafeX offers a money-back guarantee on their product. If you buy from their store you will get this big offer. For your convenience, I attached the link in the below section.

Buy Memorysafex Online
General MemorySafeX experiences and opinions

We also looked for other opinions about the USB Flash Drive during our research and found mostly only good reviews. The device hasn’t been available on the market for too long, but there have been enough users to try it out.

Most people report positively about the product and would like to own several of them in order to save the photos on the USB stick forever. Most people do their backups with the product because it’s so much easier, which basically only reinforces our test results. We couldn’t find any negative opinions.

Customer’s Feedback

You may have to know the amazing features of the MemorySafeX. Yes, I like the device. But I want you to share a broad view and different perspectives. So I looked for more opinions about that USB Drive. Let’s see what other people are saying about it:

  1. “I thought of buying the photostick. I was lucky to decide to buy it and found an improved version of it. It is very handy to use and works faster than others. I imagine that anyone who purchases a MemorySafeX does not regret it.”
  2. “Despite being a wonderful device, the iPhone has no expandable memory. This is a problem. I have an iPhone with 32GB storage and this is a problem. When my husband showed me a USB stick option that can help me with the backup, I didn’t think twice. After using it for about 3 months, I can assure that it is perfect and the best one. I don’t lose and I don’t mess with my photos and videos.”
  3. “I was a little doubtful about this device and I don’t like expensive devices and that limits me with the amount of memory I have. The phone I use has only 32GB of memory. I had the option of purchasing a memory card, but considering the benefits of MemorySafe X, I decided to try it out. The decent thing is that with more and more memory. With a local phone, the backup option keeps me organized.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Which computers can I use MemorySafeX for?

Windows: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.
Mac: From Mac OS X Version 10.7 and newer versions.

Can I use the MemorySafeX with iPhones?

MemorySafeX works well as an iOS flash USB drive for android devices and iPhones. 

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